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Abstract Paint Phone Wallpapers

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Free Abstract Paint Phone Wallpapers

Transform your phone’s look with free abstract paint wallpapers! Choose from a variety of colorful designs and give your device a fresh, artsy vibe. Download now and enjoy a stunning backdrop every time you use your phone. Upgrade your wallpaper game today!

Last summer I took an online course in abstract painting called “Be Bold” with Celia Lees. Celia was so inspirational and the perfect virtual art teacher. What else to take up as a hobby in the South of France, right? During the course I learned brush strokes, color combos, building contrast, trial and error and down right getting comfortable with paints. 

As I was preparing to move for the second time in three years I started organising my office and came across all my paint tests and tries…..voilà! I had the most perfect idea….digital wallpapers. If you’re like me, you’re always changing your phone wallpaper to give you something lovely to look at when you pick up your phone. Some were done with a palette knife, pieces of cardboard, brushes and some amusing splatter. 

As my little gift from me to you, enjoy these free abstract paint wallpapers to brighten your day and perhaps give you the inspiration to pick up a brush, a tube of paint or even take an online art course.  Pass them onto those you love ❤︎. 


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