Graphiste & Web Designer

Let's go!

Graphiste & Web Designer

Let's go!

Blurring the line between art and technology.

Just busy designing.

About me.


Originally from Boston working in the tech world, Tasha crossed the Atlantic to study Graphisme & Web Design.  Working as freelance in a number of projects from catalogs to websites….designing is her passion.


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Client Reviews


I've known Tasha for over 25 years - professionally and as a friend.  I value both.  She is a creative, artistic person with an incredible work eithic, always open to new developments in digital technology and design.  Couple all that with a charming, warm personall nature, you would be hard pressed to find anyone more qualified to entrust your project.  Yes, she's that good!

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Writer, entrepreneur & former CEO of The Corps Software Academy

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