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How I came to love design

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How I came to love design

During my love affair and studies with hardware, I was working at a software academy. Photoshop was at 4.1, mice had wires and the public access to the internet had just arrived. I remember our first Internet course at the Academy: Netscape 2.0.  A course on how to syntax search the www. What was a syntax? 

I kept thinking how incredible is was to be connected to an outside world we had no idea what was out there. What was more intriguing? And hello? eBay

Mary Jane Forbes, the most incredible woman in business suggested that I make a try at our company’s first website. I used Dreamweaver on my little Mac and managed to craft a four page site with the Logo, of course in the top upper left. Back then, UX wasn’t a career. File size and speed was a major factor…remember this is 1998….no DSL, no fiber optics….no WiFi! Pure dial up baby.

So much has changed after all those years, web design has become beautiful, functional and a most importantly, a personal image. We can transmits so much more than text and a few photos. We can envoke feelings, give experiences and captivate.

This new user experience makes designs more passionate and personal. It brings you closer to each client and you design together. You build not only a brand but a brand with feeling.

This is why I love design even more today. I create using the clients passion for their project combined with my own passion for design. Working like this gives way to beautiful results.

Tell me how you got into design and what you love about it. Love ❤︎ to hear from you.


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