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Freelancing in the South of France

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Freelancing in the South of France

Ah, The South of a France, where painters have flocked here for centuries to soak up the light and beauty. I feel no different. Every day seems to be a treasure chest of inspiration…especially on those sunny days when French cafés are just begging you to stop and slow down just a little bit.

Life has slowed down for me on so many levels since moving to the South of France over two decades ago. But this slowing down, made me pay attention more. Slowing your thoughts makes room for other useful thoughts or ideas. Don’t we do some of our best accomplishments when we slow down just a little and have that 2h coffee break?

During my inspiration walks, my eyes are open. Maybe looking at everything from a child’s eye, who looks at things open-mindedly. I study the new advertising campaigns dotted along the bus route, a newly renovated building that finally got its splendour back, what the teenagers are wearing and what the overall energy feels like around me.

Remember, Creators get their inspiration from all around them. It then inspires something else in themselves, which then becomes a new inspiration for someone else. This is the creative circle.

How do you get inspired for your news projects? I’d love to hear…drop a comment and help inspire others. Love ❤︎ to hear from you.



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